Thursday, October 29, 2020

My Covid testing experience


I’d been feeling pretty crap over the past few days. Streaming eyes and nose.

Not a Covid symptom. As a teacher I’m deemed an expert in diagnosing it at this time.

A bit of a sore throat.

But I’m ripping the throat out of myself every time I sneeze, which is often.

Fever, raised temperature?

Now and again but I think they’re hot flushes.

Monday was particularly bad. I went from thinking I had a head cold, to the flu, to Covid, to the Bubonic plague. Decided that I needed to know for definite before contemplating going back to school.

Tuesday morning 10.58am: I rang my doctor and explained my case

11.08: I got a text saying I had a test appointment at 12.10 TODAY!

Mad dash to get showered and dressed and headed for town.

12.00: I arrived a bit early. No one else there yet to be tested. As an army soldier led to me towards the cubicle I felt like I was in The Handmaid’s Tale!

Two women were doing my test. This was the part I was dreading as I’d heard lots of horror stories.

“It felt like my nose was being raped!”

But it was fine! A little uncomfortable for a few seconds but that’s it.

I was back in my car heading for home at 12.08!

Then of course I had to self isolate. Seeing as I hadn’t seen another human since last Saturday, that shouldn’t have been too hard. But if course my gas ran out and I had to cook dinner. But Declan, local shopkeeper to the rescue. It was delivered to my door.

Then at 14.32 the next day I got my result.


I’m so relieved and also a bit more optimistic. I had been hearing reports of delays in testing and results but I must say I was impressed with that turn around.

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