Saturday, October 31, 2020

Last day of autumn


Seeing as today is the last day of autumn I was adamant that I was going out for a walk today. But as I lay in bed , listening to Storm Aidan swirl around my house it seemed like a lost cause. 

Fortunately there was a lull and I managed to escape for a while.

Autumn has always been my favourite time of the year. I love the colours.

I remember hearing as a child that if you catch a falling leaf before it hits the ground, you get a wish. 

So if any of my neighbours saw me flaying around the place, that’s what I was doing.

I didn’t succeed in catching one, but I did get some extra cardio in!

Well, we all know what’s coming next.

It’s going to be a tough one. The first time it’s not just the squirrels who will be hibernating.

But all is not lost. Winter includes 

My birthday

Christmas It hasn’t been cancelled, just reimagined.

The New Year. The sooner 2020 is shown the door, the better!

Only 62 more days to go!

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