Sunday, October 11, 2020

Game, Set and Match

 I got my love of tennis from Mam. I remember summers as a child watching Wimbledon in our kitchen and then going out to hit a tennis ball up against the wall.

I don't remember ever breaking a window but then again I don't think I ever had enough power in my shots.

Mam had a soft spot for Djokovic. When it came to a time when she struggled to remember people's names, she always remembered his! 

Anyone who knows me knows of my love/obsession with Nadal.

Those days of myself and Mam watching them play, seems like a lifetime ago now.

And yet, look who's playing today in the French Open Final.

It is a testament to them as sportsmen that they are still at the top of their game in their 30's.

And I can't help feeling that Djokovic has the edge today seeing as his no.1 fan will be cheering him on from on high.

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