Thursday, October 1, 2020

A right knit-wit.

 I opened my front door the other morning to find this gorgeous gift from my sister-in-law Marese.

If we’re heading for another lockdown at least I’m prepared. 

No one was more excited than Lil’ Covid! He’s been longing for a friend for the past six months.

Unfortunately he’s going to have to wait a while longer. My current project is to knit.....


 Now, I’ve knitted many jumpers but nothing as intricate as this. Mam used to knit us all Aran jumpers when we were kids. I remember the sounds of her clacking needles. She used to knit them while looking at the telly.

Me? I have to concentrate as if I’m trying to crack the Enigma Code!

It just might take another lockdown for me to get it finished!

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