Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Tales from Covid-19

In years to come we'll ( hopefully) look back at this time and recall some funny events that happened to us.
One thing that appears to be confusing us is the etiquette that is involved in entering a public setting. My friend Genevieve had just been going grocery shopping up until now. With the easing of restrictions she decided to venture into Home Store.
She put on her mask and approached the entrance. Ms High Viz Jacket was waiting in the foyer.
"Please use the hand sanitiser on the table to your left and then follow the arrows to the right."
"Thank you," replied Genevieve.
She passed by the helper and spied a bottle on a table. Having watched numerous episodes of 
Grey's Anatomy, she knew exactly how to scrub up properly. She applied copious amounts of the liquid  all  over her hands and made sure it covered in between her fingers, around her wrists...everywhere,
She heard a little cough behind her.
Not a Covid cough but rather a slight ahem.
It was Ms High Viz Jacket.
"Excuse me. But that's.......my WATER BOTTLE!"
Genevieve did a double take. Really?
She then didn't know what to do. Was Ms HVJ angry with her? Should she offer to replace it?
When Genevieve saw the tears of laughter streaming down her cheeks she realised that she had probably made her day. She had a great story to tell her colleagues later.
"Hey lads, you're not going to believe what this wan did today in the store!"

Genevieve apologised and stepped over the threshold into the store. Sure enough on the left hand side, covered with yellow and black Covid banners was a shrine of hand sanitisers!
Ah well I'm sure her hands were doubly clean and sterilised!!!

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