Thursday, July 9, 2020

Life Lessons

They say that everyday is a school day, and the day we don't learn something new is a wasted day.
I set off for my usual walk/run along the canal.

Things I knew before this:
  • It's much easier on the legs to run on the far side of the canal, across from where I park, as it's grassy, compared to the tar-maced side.
  • It's still lovely to run when it's misty raining, very refreshing on the face.
Things I learned today:
  • It;s NOT such a good thing to combine both of the above. It means that when you get back to the lock gate to cross back over, IT'S SLIPPY AND THERE IS A DANGER YOU WILL FALL IN!

Things I knew before this: 
  • I'm a good swimmer
Things I had NO DESIRE to learn today:
  • Whether or not I could swim in full tracksuit and runners....if by chance I was to fall into a large body of water.

Phew, I got across safely.

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