Monday, June 1, 2020

Time after time

"Take care of the hours, and the days will take care of themselves."

If we had been told on January 1st 2020 that we were going to spend at least 1/4 of the year in Lockdown or under restrictions, we would have 
a) scoffed in disbelief
b) gone into meltdown, claiming that there is no way we would survive that
c) booked a space on Elon Musk's flight to the International Space Station.

But anyway, here we are on June 1st, still surviving in a strange new world.
Okay, so some days are better than others, but hey, that's life.

I remember back to the 12th March when we were told that the school would close in two hours time for two weeks. We were to be coming back for a week before the Easter holidays, off for the holidays and then back to resume the school year as normal.
A mad, frantic panic to get everything ready for two weeks of distance learning
There were standoffs at the photocopier!!!
It's amazing what can be achieved in a short amount of time. It's like when you hear you are having visitors in half an hour, how much tidying up can be achieved in that 30 minutes! THE WHOLE HOUSE!

Anyway, I kinda guessed that we wouldn't be opening for that preEaster week, but thought we would be back after Easter, a bit like Jesus himself.
Oh God, how naive was I?

Like a prisoner of old, I took to marking off the days as seriously, they were all merging into each other.

And onto today when it was time to turn another page.

What struck me, was that although some days seemed to stretch on forever, especially at the start, the weeks have actually flown by.
It's also strange to see that I had marked in SCHOOL HOLS, probably at the start of the year, and I would have been to excited looking forward to being finished work and getting away to the sun for some rest and relaxation.
It seems more like a marker to separate frantically trying to put closure on this school year....and starting to get ready for the next, while not having a clue what that is going to entail or even when it is going to happen.

But hey, I got through the past two and a half months pretty much unscathed, and things are looking as if they are moving in the right direction. 
I have PHASE TWO marked in.....fingers crossed.

I'll not be jetting away anywhere this year, but the sun is shining here on this Bank Holiday Monday, I have no school work to set or correct, so I'm heading out to the back garden to pretend I'm by the pool in Turkey.
It's all about your perspective. 
Stay safe!

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