Sunday, June 21, 2020


Today I was sooooo excited. When I looked at my calendar, instead of a black space or an X, there was an event!

I was going to my outdoor yoga class on the banks of Lough Ennell on the grounds of Belvedere House. Phase Two of Lockdown says that you can have an outdoor activity with up to 15 people, provided you observe social distancing. So with my yoga mat tucked under my arm, off I went.
Just setting my mat on the grass and looking out over the lake, I could feel my zen setting in! Every other year it has been the surroundings and nature that has added to the spirituality of the occasion. This time it was the presence of real live people that made it a surreal.

On the down side...I can't believe how unfit and creaky I've become in the past few months!!

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