Thursday, May 21, 2020

Me First Holy Communion Day

Last weekend should have been my class' First Holy Communion. Of course it couldn't go ahead because of the "virus".In order to mark the day I searched for a photo of my own First Holy Communion to show them.
This was not an easy task. The fact that I am the youngest of five children, obviously the novelty of photographing every event had worn off.
As a result I have only one photo of that day.

Nowadays there are many shopping expeditions before they say "Yes to the dress". My aunt bought my dress in Dublin and brought it home to me two weeks before the big day. I had no say in the decision but it didn't matter. I LOVED it. I mean it was white and pretty so what was there not to love?
My aunt's friend Lizzie who was also a great family friend made a comment that has stuck with me since. She said
"The ends of those sleeves are really useful. You can use them to blow your nose, you don't need to bring a handkerchief".

Later my mam bought my veil. When she brought it home it was in a cellophane wrapper over a pink background, which made the veil look pink! I took one look at it and asked
"Is it PINK?"
My mum didn't realise how shocked I was and just answered
"Well I thought it would be lovely to do something a little different!"
That throwaway comment makes me realise today that I have to be so careful when talking to children.
I cried myself to sleep every night that week because I thought I was going to have to wear a pink veil to my communion and everyone would laugh at me.

When the big day came and the veil was taken out of its wrapper I couldn't believe that it was white.....with little diamante sparkles on it! The joy.
It was a fabulous day. The biggest shock was when I realised that people actually were giving me money! I had no idea that happened.

So almost 50 years later I can still recall every little detail. I really feel for my class who have been looking forward to this day for years and now it has been postponed.

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