Sunday, May 17, 2020

"I do my hair toss, check my nails......"

Okay, so I know it’s a First World problem, but I am not alone in this.
What the hell do I do about my hair now that my hairdresser is out of commission for the foreseeable future?
At the start of Lockdown I made the conscious decision NOT to tamper with my crowning glory (?) myself. As a result my roots.....
Who am I kidding here? It’s a good two inches, which I don’t think counts as mere “roots” anymore!
.......are of a shade that last saw the light of day in the 80s.
Now I am very pleased/smug to say, that there are very few greys in among the mousey browns, so that is a bonus.
So I decided to go cold turkey and let nature take its course, which is quite easy, seeing as very, very few people actually see what I looks like at the moment.
But last night, being a wild Saturday night, NOT, it was something that was getting on my last nerve. So my little project was to see if I could do something to disguise my Dalmatian style.
I set about frantically searching the house for my long lost, never used, rollers or curlers or whatever they’re called.
I have vivid memories of Mam doing her own hair every week, in the era before hairdryers, curling tongs or straighteners.. I was always fascinated at how she could put in the rows of rollers in perfectly straight lines without even looking in a mirror.
How hard can it be? I thought.
It’s a hell of a lot harder than you might think! My arms were about to fall out of their sockets by the time I was finished. But I must say, I’m very happy with my first attempt. I’ll be hair-tossing with the best of them before the end of this confinement!

During what phase can hairdressers open???

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