Friday, April 10, 2020

Stay the fu@k at home

Today I cried.
I’ve been positive and proactive about doing things for my physical and mental health. Of course there are many disadvantages to our new restricted lifestyle but there have been advantages too and they’re the ones I have been focusing on.
But today I lost it. Now, don’t go thinking I must be sad and desolate and that’s why the waterworks started.
No, I don’t usually cry because I’m sad, it’s usually because I’m angry. And boy, am I angry today!
Angry, fuming, livid, enraged.
You name it, I’m it.
For the past weeks the majority of this nation has sucked it up, taken the restrictions on board and as a result, things aren’t as bad as was feared. I was believing that we would come out of it in the foreseeable future.
And then what happened?
A bit of sunshine.
And every gobshite crawled out from under whatever rock they were hiding, and decided that it was their civil right to travel to “their holiday home” in the sunny south east and nothing was going to stop them.
I can’t get my head around their mentality.
But unfortunately there are people who think the fuckin’ world revolves around them, and them only. And they are not to be discomodded in any way.
My reality is, we haven’t been able to see our Mam in the nursing home for the past 6 weeks. Last week I had to try to explain to her, as she was sobbing on the phone, that we, her children, had not abandoned her and left her on her own. But how do you explain the concept of a virus and lockdown to an elderly person who has never experienced anything of its sort before in their life.
Mam always loved Easter, it was her favorite time of the year. A new outfit would have been bought to wear to mass.
Today, all I could do was go to the front door of the nursing home and leave her a few bits and pieces, in a fuckin’ plastic box.

Take it from me, Mammy will not be impressed. But it’s the best I can do!

My temper comes from the fact that none of us are comfortable with these restrictions but we realize that if we abide by them for the time being, then the sooner we will get this virus under control and my family and all the families in the same situation will get to hug their parents again.
But by those stupid a**holes thinking they are above restrictions, have probably set us back weeks or even further, and the end is nowhere in sight. Mam, and lots of other mams don’t have months to spare.
Hence my fury and rant. I had to get it off my chest or I will do someone a physical harm.
While the scientists are frantically working on a vaccine for COVID-19, would they ever try to discover one for “STUPID-20 as well, because as far as I can tell, it will cause far more desths.

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