Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Original vs Copy

It's getting more difficult to stay sane during this time of Lockdown. Thank God I've read enough self-help books over the years to give me some coping mechanisms!

One of the main ideas that's put forward is to create something.I think this is proven by the huge increase in cooking and baking that is going on all over the world, in particular Banana Bread!

So on my last trip to Aldi I stumbled upon this little kit.

Now I haven't crocheted since I was a child. I had the best dressed Barbies and Sindys in the country. The problem is, I was self taught so I have no idea of the names of stitches or even if I'm doing them right. And I have NEVER followed a pattern before. So this was as difficult as cracking the Da Vinci Code for me.

However I am not one to balk at a challenge so I gave it my best. And I must say I am very proud of the result...

                   Original                                                Copy

I think I'm a strong contender for Portrait Artist of the Year.
After consultation with my family via Whatsapp he has been christened Kovid. I'm thinking of calling him Lil' Kovid, just to give him an edge.

So there I was, feeling all smug about my artistic endeavours, when this comes in on the family Whatsapp from my nephew Niall. It seems he too was using his time creatively to produce a portrait.

                          Original                                            Copy

Okay, I'll give you this round Niall. But be warned! I'm off for my weekly trip to Aldi, and depending on what I can find in the centre aisle, I'll be coming back fighting!

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