Monday, April 20, 2020

Neighbours, everybody needs good neigh-bours.

Go on admit it, you were singing the title.

Today I heard the postman rattling at the door. I leaped for joy. I had ordered new trousers for Mam and they had arrived! They would really perk her up.
So I parceled them up and headed off for the Nursing Home.
I had only gone a few hundred metres up the road when there was a wobble in the car.
"Uh oh", I thought as I pulled over at the next available gateway. I got out and looked at my tyres. And there is was, a soft back tyre.
Dam! I turned around and headed slowly back home.
My head was racing. Now what am I going to do? How am I going to get it fixed? Is there any place open?
I began to panic slightly. Bad and all as Lockdown is, at least I can go shopping once a week. If I have no car, then even that is lost to me.
I stopped in my driveway, got out and looked at the wheel.
As if by staring at it, it would be miraculously fixed.

I could feel the tears beginning to well up. Little things that normally I would take in my stride now tend to floor me. I am very prone to corona-crying or cryona as it's called.
I hear it is a common complaint at the moment!
Suddenly my phone began to ring, It was my neighbour from up the road.
"Hiya Noeleen. Are you in a bit of bother?"
"Oh yes! Flat tyre."
"Yeah. I saw you passing by here. I'll be down in a few minutes to change it, if you want?"
"You will? Oh thank you!"
Sure enough in a minute he was pulling into my drive. He had a look at it and then said
"I have a number here of a lad who'll come and fix it here, you won't have to go looking to get it fixed."
Even better.
And sure enough, twenty minutes later my tyre was fixed and I was all set to go again.

In the past few weeks

  • My lawn has been mowed
  • Two fallen trees at the bottom of my garden were  cut up and removed
  • Bouquets of daffodils are being left in my hedge
All by my fabulous neighbours. Thank you all so much.

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