Wednesday, April 15, 2020

My new BFF

Today I am grateful that the sun is shining, birds are singing and I live by myself out in the countryside. No, it’s not that l prefer solitary confinement but rather I can get my legs out and no one will comment on their hairyness!
In normal times I’d have gone for waxing but I can’t honestly see me getting away with that as an essential journey.
I could shave them. But it’s taken so long to get to the “it doesn’t really hurt anymore” phase that if I shave them, it’s back to the start of that painful process again.
So no one can’t see them so I’m not offending anyone.
However it’s just dawned on me. If I get a tan, when lockdown finishes and I go for waxing , the resulting pattern will make me look like Lil’ Kovid!

I’ve also suddenly realised  that Lil’ Kovid has become my Wilson.

I find myself talking to him
“Lets go out and sit in the sun for a while.”
“I think we better go in now. We’ve been out long enough”

But it’s better than talking to myself. I mean, that would be too weird, right???

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