Friday, April 3, 2020

A child’s perspective

I’ve been getting lovely letters and emails from my class telling me all the things they’ve been getting up to over the past few weeks.
It’s so refreshing to see things from a child’s perspective . They’ve been making obstacle courses in the garden, gardening, baking, reading, school projects. But they’re all missing their friends.
Love these little extracts
“Hi Ms Noeleen. How are you getting on with this Coronavirus thing?”
“Three cows had to have caesareans with the vet.”
“Granny’s dog died. Sean and I dug a grave and buried her in the garden.”
I hope he’s talking about the dog and not granny!!!

“I made the boat for our Science project . It looked a bit like the Titanic but happily it floated.”

One girl included a lovely picture.

And i’d Say my hair WILL BE that length and color by the time I get out of here!

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