Saturday, March 28, 2020

You can't make old friends

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not the best at sending cards. I buy them and then life gets in the way and I don't get round to sending them.
Obviously now, time is the one commodity that we have an abundance of and so I pulled out my stash of stored birthday cards and wrote one to my bestie from secondary school....Majella.

Majella and I met as two frightened first years as our cubicles were beside each other in the dormitory of St Joseph's boarding school. We became firm friends straight away and I'm glad to say that four decades later she is still a friend that I would pick up the phone and call if I had a problem.
In school there was a divide between the "boarders" and the "day pupils". I mean, there was no point being bestie with a day pupil because once the bell rang at the end of the school day you'd be on your own til the next morning.
In the five years of boarding I think we had one falling out, which wasn't bad!

As I wrote the card to her I had a flashback to school summer holidays. We didn't live near each other, no such thing as mobile phones so we used to write to each other.
In fact I think those letters are still in storage in my old bedroom at home! I must dig them out and give us a laugh. They're probably mainly about R.C. Remember him, Majella?

When I think about it. I think that The 'Bridge prepared us for for what we're going through now. We went off with our cases into the unknown, imagining all kinds of disasters that were going to befall us. We discovered at that early age that it was the support of friends that would see us through.
We were told by the nuns what we could and couldn't do AND BY GOD WE FOLLOWED THE RULES! If we had been told to walk 2 metres apart then that is what we did!
We got used to having a set menu of food and you had two choices, eat it or starve! And so we are now still thankful to have any food at all and to be creative with it, to make it taste better!
We were confined to the convent walls, the perimeter was about 2 km. We're used to walking round and round "the walks". No bother to us.
We were not allowed outside the gates until our parents picked us up. Now I do recall a few times we scaled the walls to go to Bradley's Corner shop to buy sweets. That stealth and subterfuge might come in very handy in the coming days when we're trying to get our provisions in the local shop!

So happy, happy birthday Majella and we'll celebrate in style in the not too distant future 

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