Sunday, March 22, 2020

This was certainly a Mother's Day with a difference.
Mam is in a nursing home and we haven't been able to see her for the past three weeks. We have considered various options like Skyping or going to the window and talking to her on the phone. However Mam's mental frame of mind is not the best and she gets very agitated over things she doesn't understand so it really wouldn't be worth it if it caused her anxiety.
So today meant writing her a heartfelt message on a card and leaving it outside the nursing home front door for her.
Being realistic it's going to be months before its safe enough to reopen the nursing homes. All I can do is beg people to observe social distancing because every time you break it it puts back returning to normal life about a week...and that might be just to late for Mam and all the other mothers and fathers in a similar situation.
Please, I just want to visit my Mam.

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