Thursday, March 19, 2020

The road to Nowhere

So today is the first day that I have set myself a schedule to get things done. The past few days have just drifted by in a blur and if that continues I'll go stircrazy.
So this morning I started back on my walk/run plan. I'll be totally honest and admit that my exercise regime has been very hit and miss in the past year
and a hell of a lot more "miss" than "hit".
I started right back on Day 1....and what a lovely morning for it.

My goal is that when all this is over I'll run a 5k...with real-life ACTUAL people! Little did we ever think that that would be something to strive for, the running bit, yes, but the being able to do something with a group of people, WOW!

The advantage to living in Raharney is that social distancing is not a major problem. After doing my walk/run and not meeting a single soul, I've realised that I have been practicing it for the past 20 years without even realising it! If you need any hints or advice just contact me! I'm a pro at it by this stage!

It really did help to silence the hundreds of unhelpful thoughts going around in my head. Just to see signs of spring gives hope.

I was a little concerned when this FIERCE beast came running towards me (not!)

Okay, so it wasn't so much him, as the other 100 that I'm sure were lying in hiding somewhere close!

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep your distance!

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