Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My first social-distancing miracle.

There are much more important things to be worried about now than weight loss. However things like mental and physical health are connected to it.
This week saw me start back on my walk/run plan, something that I haven't done in the past year. But I needed it for my headspace. It's amazing what difference a mindset makes.Before this I was saying
"Dam I HAVE to go out for my run".
Now I'm saying
"Thank God I CAN still go out for my run."
And it makes all the difference to appreciate it.

Also I am planning out my meals for the week. Again its not a weightloss issue but rather being careful with my food. Yesterday I had to throw out two carrots that were gone off and I nearly went into meltdown over the fact that I had wasted food. God, the planet is really teaching me a lesson on how I should have been living all along.

I did a major overhaul of my kitchen and as you can see I only have dieting cookbooks! So everything I have been cooking is low -calorie, not out of choice but because I don't have any other type of recipe!

I had my weekly weigh-in this morning and I've lost 2lbs !!!!
Now why am I surprised when I have been doing all that good stuff?

Did I also mention the box of teacakes and the other box of mini chocolate swiss rolls plus the remnants of a bottle of vodka that I managed to get through over my confinement?

Yes it's a miracle. Now hand me the rest of my Oaty Banana buns!

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