Thursday, March 26, 2020

Life lessons taught by COVID-19

It's been two weeks since our school was closed and we were all sent home. Every family situation is different and has its pluses and minuses.
As I live alone, it's like being in self isolation. Now I have no one to be annoying me and getting on my last nerve, but on the other hand  I've no one to talk to during the days.
Video calls are a god send as it's lovely to see people when you're talking to them.
These new restrictions that came in the other day haven't made any difference to me, as that was what I was doing anyway.
I've been out for my walk/run
and had a few conversations with neighbours from across the hedge.
I've gone for a "big" shop twice so I don't have to go too often.
I've been back to school twice to sort out some things.
Had a conversation with a fellow teacher. She was at the top of the classroom, I was at the bottom of it.
And I went to town to donate blood.

That's been the height of my social interaction.

As a result I've taken to pulling my house apart and putting it back together again.
The last time that happened was the Great Snow-in of 2019.
As a result I've discovered a very valuable life lesson.

Life is 99% less stressful if you..........

a) reunite your tupperware containers with their lids.

b) reunite lonely socks with their partners.
In the time BC, Before Coronavirus, I spent many a morning rushing to get to school, but unable to find a matching pair. Now.....

And I swear, that before this pandemic is over I will have found the partners of those four lonely socks in the front. It doesn't matter where they're hiding, under beds, down the back of cupboards, at the bottom of a laundry basket,
I will seek you out and I will find you!

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