Monday, March 30, 2020

First date...oops I mean Last date

Got word yesterday evening that teachers had until 6pm on Monday March 30th to access school buildings and prepare what they need for remote lessons.
I've been back to school twice but this was a final call out. As there were a few things I needed I set off this morning.
It was eerie going in this time. I think knowing that it was complete lock out after today that made it ominous.
I whizzed around the classroom, picking up the things I needed. I don't don't why I was hurrying, it wasn't like I was out-running the virus!
Then something stopped me in my tracks. It was the date on the whiteboard.

Yes, that is March 12th in Irish for those not in the know!

On that Thursday morning we had started class as usual. Us teachers knew that the situation was getting more serious but had been told the day before that schools weren't closing. We figured they would be.....but after Easter.
I wrote the date as normal on the board, thinking of the day ahead.  So it was a complete shock when we got word around noon that schools were closing....that day. It was a mad panic to get things sorted before hometime.
And so it is that the date has remained unchanged since then. I'm thinking it should be preserved for posterity!
I was reminded of the poem

Deserted House on Mount royal
Joy Thomson Tobin.

...Remembering through years, this *house must yearn
Again to shelter happiness and cheer.
To feel the throb of joyous life so near....
Not without hope it waits for their return.

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