Saturday, February 8, 2020

Life is a Battle

Met up with Helen to go to the cinema to see 1917.

I was wondering if it would live up to its Oscar nominations and boy, it did! It was one of those films that you get so involved in, that you are exhausted by the end of it. I crossed No-man's land, dodged the bullets and raced through the trenches with Lance Corporal Schofield.

The last film that made me feel like that was "Speed" when I drove that dam bus with Sandra Bullock.

Feeling very nervy and jumpy when it ended, Helen and I made it to the cinema door only to be shocked once more.
There was a downpour of swirling rain outside.
"What the....?" I thought. "Storm Ciara isn't due until tomorrow".
So still in war zone mentality I took off across the car park, dodging flying leaves, branches, litter and on coming cars.
I felt relieved when I made it safely across the front line of the car park to my car.
I took a moment to catch my breath before I set off on the next stage of my mission. I turned the ignition key and headed into the driving rain.
The first hurdle was the motorway. The main danger came from the gobsh*tes who were still speeding past and splashing up water onto an already drenched windscreen.
Then I turned off to navigate the county roads towards Raharney. I spent the journey peering into the overhanging trees, not for snipers but for falling branches.
Finally I turned into my driveway. I heaved a sigh of relief. I had succeeded in my mission - to make it safely home.
I think I deserved a medal for that even if a medal is
"just a piece of tin with a ribbon attached."

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