Thursday, February 27, 2020

A child's perspective

A teacher has to balance on a fine line between discussing the children's concerns about the ongoing coronavirus situation and not wanting to scare them unnecessarily.
When I overheard my class of 9 year olds talking about their "cool new game" -  CORONAVIRUS" I figured it was time to talk about it in class.
Basically it's a game of tag and when you're tagged you get the virus.Though kids will be kids. After all that's how we got the universal playground game Ring-a-ring-a Rosie, a reaction to the plague.

So I started the talk by asking what worries they had about the virus. In answering their questions I could try to allay their fears. All was going well until I said that the current virus was very much like the flu and could be restricted by hand washing and coughing into the crook of your arm not your hand.
One of my girls piped up.
"When you say it's the same as the flu, do you mean the normal flu or the Manflu? Cos when my dad gets the manflu, it's way worse than when my mum gets it!"

Must say I was floored by that question. The cynic in me wanted to reply
"Well, the coronavirus is probably midway between you mum's and your dad's flu."

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