Thursday, June 20, 2019

Well.that backfired

Not being organised this morning, I had to pop into a local shop to get my lunch for school. There was obviously a school tour happening as there was a queue of kids also buying their provisions for the day.
One little lad at the top of the line had over-stocked a little bit.
"You owe another 60c", informed the shop assistant.
His crest-fallen face meant he didn't have the money.
"I'll just ask me mam", he replied, and ran out.
I had reached the top of the queue and was getting my change, when he returned.
"Me mam says that she doesn't have the money with her and she'll pay you tomorrow."
The sun was shining, I was in a good mood, so I replied.
"Here, take the 60c out of my change."
His face lit up and he thanked me profusely.
I was feeling very Mother Theresalike as I left the shop, just behind him.
A woman came storming in.
"Who do you owe that 60c to?" she asked.
"It's okay, Mam, the lady paid for me".
"WHO?", she demanded.
"Her," he said, pointing to me.
I smiled and said
"It's okay. Pay it forward." and waited expectantly for her thanks!
"No, here you are", as she pushed it into my hand. "I'm not owing anyone money."
I was a bit taken aback at her aggression.
"And as for them in here. He's late for his school tour and they know that!" she shouted, glaring at the shop assistant.

My inner teacher wanted to scream back
"It's not their fault. How on earth are they supposed to know when the local school tour is leaving?  It's yours for not having his lunch ready or getting to the shop in plenty of time."
but I didn't! I wanted to survive the day.

I walked to my car, feeling deflated.
So much for my good deed of the day. I felt like a total bitch for trying to help.


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