Friday, May 31, 2019

I didn't pull a fire truck for nothing.....

Well here I am, back in a place where I swore I'd never be the 11 stone weight bracket.

In 2016 I was chosen as a leader on Operation Transformation, the TV programmme that focuses on getting normal Joe Soaps off the couch and onto a healthier life's path, and in so doing, inspiring the rest of the nation to get off their asses and do the same.
When I joined the show I was 11st 11 lbs, far too heavy for my 5' 3" height. Through healthy eating and exercise I got down to 10st 9 lbs when the show finished seven weeks later. It didn't end there. I continued on myself until I reached 10 st 1 lb. I think that was the first time in my life that I was actually happy with my weight, even though I would have weighed much lighter at times in the past. I maintained this for two years.
Over the past year my exercise regime has dwindled off and my weight has crept back on. Of course I know exactly what I should be doing to get back on track, but pass me the box of chocolates while I plan it out!
Well, enough is enough!
I have been trying unsuccessfully to get back on track since the New Year. I'm good for a few days and then....WHAM! I lose the run of myself (without any actual running being involved!)
 I've tried doing it myself, joining a slimming club, taping my mouth shut (well, not quite, but it's an option!) All to no avail.
I'm the type of person that needs to be accountable to someone for my actions, hence this blog. I feel that if even one person out there is vaguely interested/curious about how I'm doing, then I'll

So here goes. My first goal is to get back in the 10st bracket.
 Wish me luck!