Saturday, April 20, 2019

Put one foot in front of the other.

A new day dawned, which didn't seem right, but it did. I'm old enough to know that even when the bottom falls out of your world, the world keeps on turning.
At eight o'clock the sun was streaming in my window, telling me to get up and not waste a single minute of my life. Time is precious.

I did have a mission in mind. I had to walk the 8km back to Nanny Quinn's Bar and Restaurant where I had left my car the night before, after Ger's funeral. We had given her a good send off, one that she would have loved. But it had resulted in me not being able to drive my car home!

So off I set. It was a bitter sweet walk  as it was the same route that I had taken just over a year ago when I was trudging through the snow to meet Ger in the pub. Every step brought back memories of that walk. This time however, the weather was decidedly better.

Kilcolum cemetery looked less bleak.

Snowdrop season was over, but there were lots of primroses and purple flowers (that I don't know the name of!)

Buds were bursting into life.

Then I encountered some crosses. As it was Good Friday, there was a local procession to remember Jesus' final walk to Calvary. I said a prayer for Ger as I passed each one.

 I came across the second most beautiful scene of the day......

The birds continue to sing. This lone swallow sat waiting for his companions. He can't make a summer on his own.

I continued on, my legs were beginning to scream by this stage. Finally I encountered the most beautiful sight of the day....... car waiting patiently for me outside Nanny Quinn's, unvandalised and unrobbed! 
Boy, was I glad not to have to walk back home.


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