Friday, January 4, 2019

Dancing on thin ice

"Would you like to come ice-skating?"
Some day this habit of mine of agreeing to random suggestions is going to get me into serious trouble!
And so it was that myself and Jeanette found ourselves at the pop up ice-rink in Mullingar.
The first thing I noticed was that we were the only adults who were without children.
And no, we weren't being childish, we were being child-like, there is a big difference.

The first problem I encountered was putting on my skates. One of the crew had to go on bended knee to do them up!
Are they my feet? They look tiny!

I have done ice skating (badly) a couple of times in Abu Dhabi, but I wasn't prepared for how slippy it was! The minute I put my feet on the ice, my legs began to go all over the place like a drunk newborn giraffe! I grabbed the rail and held on for dear life. I kinda got the hang of it after a few minutes and started to do circles of the rink....without ever letting go of the railing!

That would have been me if I'd let go!

But I'm still very proud of myself. The one thing that struck me as I was going around in circles was the number of mothers , who were WAY younger than me, who just stood at the edge of the rink watching their children while they skated. That can't have been much fun.
Why didn't they join them? You can't live your life through your children, but you can live it with them.
Rant over!


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