Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Teenage Dreams

It's been a difficult week in Religion class. Seeing as it's November we are thinking about people close to us that have died, not an easy topic to talk about to nine year olds. I had brought in my Dad's memorial card and was telling them all about him. I explained that I still miss him and think about him even though he died eleven years ago.
There was a stunned silence for a moment.
Then one of the girls asked me
"So Miss, were you a teenager when he died?

Ah bless.No homework for her for a week.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Day 5: Today's life lesson

First day back at school since my 30 day challenge started. I have to admit that the fact that I had my month's wardrobe all hanging on one rail saved me at least 10 minutes procrastination this morning.
Always a bonus on a dark and dismal November morning.

During History, we were discussing Oisín in the Land of Youth. When we came to the part where Oisín fell in love with Niamh and married her, there were groans of disgust from my 9 year old boys.
"That's gross."
"How could anyone be so stupid?"

I tried to set  them straight on the whole falling in love situation.
"Now lads. Take it from me, in a couple of years you'll change your tune."
This was greeted by silence, until one of my "more mature" 9 year old girls commented
"Yes Miss, you're right. Those boys don't realise that if that didn't happen to their mums and dads, then they wouldn't be here today!"

I couldn't have put it better myself. And what's more I can tick off my Relationships & Sexuality objective from this week's scheme!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Day 2 wrapped up

This morning I had to get up at stupid o'clock as my poor car was going in for her health check. The first thing that struck me was the Baltic cold. So today was all about preventing frostbite from setting in. Luckily I had included my puffy jacket in my 30 items.

As I had to go in so early
9 0'clock is verrrrry early for midterm
I hadn't had time to have breakfast. So I headed into Belly on Mount Street where I had the best breakfast EVER!

It consisted of poached egg, mushrooms, flat mushroom, salsa, oven roasted tomato, wilted spinach, fruit and a slice of home made brown bread. It was called Flat Belly ( I think the L is silent!)

I then had a few hours to kill. I felt at a loss because there was no point going into clothes shops as I wouldn't be able to wear it if I bought anything. I actually found myself thinking
Oh maybe I could go for a different colour theme next month and I could wear that!
Then I coped on.
For God's sake, it's only the 2nd of November. you can't start planning next month yet.

I eventually got my car back and arrived home to find this package awaiting me on my windowsill. 

It was a dress that I had ordered last week! Now before you cry out that I'm cheating, I have included it in my 30. So I'm still on track!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Day 1: 30 Day Challenge

Morning One of my 30 Day challenge, that is, I can only choose from 30 items of clothing for the next 30 days. Already it feels quite liberating to have a limited choice and I know that whatever I choose to wear is clean and ironed, well at least for today!.

First up was lunch with the Mullingar women in Con's. I knew there was a full length mirror in the Ladies so I headed there with my phone to take a photo. I was pushing open the door when I could hear the women call me to stop. You know that heart stopping moment when you suspect that there is something majorly wrong with an item of your clothing after you have walked through a crowded restaurant. I couldn't see anything wrong with my attire and then I realised that I was about to go into the Gents.
Luckily I made it into the correct toilets and happily there are no urinals in the background!

Outfit of the Day:

  • Pink jumper
  • Navy wrap skirt
  • Navy boots.

When I came out I was greeted with the comments of true friends.
"Ah we shouldn't have stopped you. It would have been hilarious if you'd gone in the other one"

Thanks Girls!

Later that night I was meeting my friend Genevieve in Moate to see the play "The Field".
You can now appreciate the importance of punctuation.
There is a BIG difference between
a) going to the play "The Field".
b) going to "Play the field".

I think the latter would have involved a change of wardrobe!