Saturday, October 13, 2018

Putting my best foot forward

After a great night out last night at an 80's disco in the Greville Arms I was feeling a little tired so I had a power nap in the afternoon. When I woke up it was dark so I had a look at my phone.

I jumped out of bed in a panic and pulled back on my boots, I go up to Mam every Saturday to look at Strictly Come Dancing, which was starting at 18.40.
I raced put the door, into the car and up to the Camillians.
It was only when I was at their door, ringing the bell that I looked down at my feet.
What the actual....????

How the hell could I have gotten it so wrong?
 I know I got redressed in the dark, but for God's sake. RED AND BLACK???

I didn't have time to go back home to change. So I had to run down the corridors in the hope that no one would notice. If someone did comment I would have to try to sell it as a fashion statement :)

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