Tuesday, October 30, 2018

#1 Signs that I'm officially old.

There are many little warning signs in our lives that we are no longer in the first (or even second) flush of youth. Things like, teaching the kids of kids that you once taught, realising that you once fancied Niall Horan's father, and discovering that you don't just get grey hairs on your head!

Well I had a major wake up call this morning when I get deliriously excited over..........
my new iron! 
Words my younger self would never have uttered.

It all started innocently enough yesterday morning when my old iron gave up the ghost and refused to heat up.
I can empathise!
I wasn't too fazed by this turn of events. In fact I was a little bit relieved as I now had a legitimate reason for ignoring the ever increasing pile of laundry in my kitchen.

Later that evening I found myself near Mullingar cinema and decided to go to see Bohemian Rhapsody. I had 15 minutes to spare so what should I do? I espied D.I.D Electric shop close by and so decided to rush in and pick up an iron.
See the level of effort I was putting in to choosing this piece of equipment.

I found the appropriate aisle and was astonished by the vast array that lay before me. Which one? There was only one that was not a display model, but was actually in a box on the shelf. I didn't have time to wait for a sales person to approach me, go into the stock room and search for another one. Hey, I had a film to get to see,
So I grabbed it and promptly paid for it.
That was the full amount of importance I attached to it. Little did I realise the immense amount of pleasure it was going to bring into my life.

This morning I begrudgingly decided that I had to tackle the everest of ironing that lay before me. I filled up the iron with water, waited for the light to go out and set about my household task.
WELL! As if by magic my hands glided over blouses, trousers and dresses.
The new  stainless steel Soleplate technology combined with Constant Steam Boost "relaxed fibres for easy crease removal".  The mountain of clothing rapidly decreased in front of my eyes. Never before has a hated task required so little effort.

It was only when I found myself about to go looking for other items of clothing to iron, that the realisation hit me.
This was the most excited I've gotten about anything in a while.
Oh Lord, take me now! It's all downhill from here.


  1. I do have an iron, it is parked in a cupboard somewhere. I bought when I was a bachelor and used it fairly frequently. Until I discovered that there various ways of preventing shirts from creasing and that body heat will actually remove the creases anyway so why bother :-)

  2. Erm, don't think I'd get away with that unfortunately!