Friday, March 2, 2018

Humanity is.......

"And this year's Mother Theresa's Humanitarian Award goes to .......Noeleen Lynam"
Applause, applause, applause!

As I've said many times I HATE BIRDS!
There's something about their little beady eyes, pointed beaks and sharpened claws that freak me out.
My man used to have to take the fake robin off the Christmas log when I was young, as I couldn't stay in the same room as it.

So why then did I trawl through my healthy eating cupboard for all the nuts and seeds I could find, bash them up into small pieces so those same little beaks could swallow them, and then trudge through the snow drifts to put them in a place where those b@$t@rd$ could find them?

Well I still wouldn't like to think of them starving to death.
Gosh, I feel so compassionate!


  1. Tweet, tweet ! I am only a little old (75yr) bird meself and you haven't shown me any compassion as yet ?
    Not one cold crumb of christian kindness has be shown towards me, Me your almost constant blog commentator and secret admirer (whoops perhaps I ought not to admitted that ? ) By the way wots this in the fourth line of the second para quote "My man used to have..." you have never shared about having had partner ?
    For it is Lonelier than Christmas in my humble pagan premises in little Laois where have been snowbound for three effin days ... and nobody have we seen or even a email from.

  2. Forgive me please for keeping you out in the cold! I hope the thaw sets in in Laois very soon. Personally I can;t take any more of this talking to the wall malarkey!