Saturday, March 31, 2018

'ear 'ear

I was out for fabulous dinner in Miller & Cook in Mullingar.

As I stood up to leave I heard a ..klunk. One of my new earrings had opened and fallen out, hitting the floor.
They were hoops so did actually made a little sound...maybe not exactly a klunk. That was for dramatic effect.
I searched under our table but couldn't see it anywhere. I had just given up hope when I espied the foot of a man at a nearby table.
What should I do?
I went up to him as he was having an animated conversation with his companions.
"Excuse me," I interrupted.
All the diners at the table stopped to look at me.
"Please don't get alarmed or excited but I'm just going to bend down for a moment!"
There was a collective intake of breath while I bent down and .......retrieved my earring.
"Taadah" I held it aloft.
A moment's silence was followed by howls of laughter.
"Well I didn't want to make any sudden unannounced movements" I explained.
I wish I could have taken a photo of the shock/horror/excitement on his face!

Close up to prove that I had really been wearing hoop earrings and it wasn't a very clever chat up line!


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