Thursday, December 21, 2017

What Christmas means to me.

We were doing some poetry writing in class. The theme was
What Christmas means to me.

For starters, the kids wrote down all the items that they associate with this festive season.
They added an "exciting" verb, and then finished the phrase.
There were some really magical images, such as
Movies bursting with adventure
Families bonding over dinner
Feet crunching on the crystal ice.

One fella asked me
Miss, how about
Animals running for their lives.
I mulled over it for a moment, with my adult thinking cap on.

"Well, it's not something that we associate with Christmas. Would animals do that at this time of year?"
"They would.......if they were turkeys!"

Fair point. Perfect for the poem!!


  1. Dear Nols when I read your blog title "What Christmas means to me".
    I was expecting you to say how at this time of the year you received such great joy, from the tickle of Santa's whiskers as they brushed your cheeks as he gave his annual kiss :) !