Thursday, December 21, 2017

What Christmas means to me.

We were doing some poetry writing in class. The theme was
What Christmas means to me.

For starters, the kids wrote down all the items that they associate with this festive season.
They added an "exciting" verb, and then finished the phrase.
There were some really magical images, such as
Movies bursting with adventure
Families bonding over dinner
Feet crunching on the crystal ice.

One fella asked me
Miss, how about
Animals running for their lives.
I mulled over it for a moment, with my adult thinking cap on.

"Well, it's not something that we associate with Christmas. Would animals do that at this time of year?"
"They would.......if they were turkeys!"

Fair point. Perfect for the poem!!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Acting responsibly.

During break-time one of the Junior Infant girls fell while on yard . I was tending to her war wounds while trying to calm her flowing tears.

"Are you looking forward to your Nativity play?" I asked.
She nodded her response.
"What part are you playing?"
She thought for a moment and then answered.
"I'm pretending to be having a baby."

I really hope she has the role of Mary....or else the Infant teacher has a lot of explaining to do!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Dying Breed

Been enjoying reading Baby Names of Ireland-Central Statistic Office.
It seems that in the year I was born there were 59 babies registered with the name Noeleen.
And I guess that the majority of them have their birthdays within the next two weeks!

Then I did a bit more research. There have been NO registered Noeleens in this country since 1997! Yep, there are no under 20 Noeleens in this country.
This is an outrage. So I'm going on a mission to bring the name back in favour.
 I'm appealing to all expectant mothers who are due before the end of this year.
You know what to call your little princess :)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

None of that Monkey Business!

We were having a very animated debate about zoos, in our classroom today. The kids were discussing the case last year where the gorilla Harambi was shot after a child had fallen into its enclosure, despite the fact that gorilla seemed to be protecting the child, not harming it.

One of my boys made the very valid point
"Imagine being a lifesaver and saving someone's life, and then being shot for it?"

Another lad added to the arguement
"Why did they shot the gorilla?
 Why not get a tranquilizer gun and just SEDUCE it?"

I nearly fell off my chair.
"Sedate!" I corrected him quickly. "The correct word is SEDATE!"