Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Killed with kindness.

I have a Good Samaritan who comes from the nearby factory and mows my lawn. He's like a Gorilla in the Mist as I never actually see him. He sneaks in and does the deed while I am at school and I arrive home to a freshly cut lawn.

This week I am on midterm. I was passing my house coming from Kinnegad and heading straight to Raharney. I noticed that my lawn was mowed. A little further on I spied my knight in shining armour tutting along on his mower to the factory,
Brilliant! I have a chance to thank him!
I pulled up slowly beside him and rolled down the passenger window. It was very hard to be heard over the noise of the car and the ride-on mower. So i smiled and gave him the thumbs up. He smiled back and then his smile slowly turned to one of alarm.
I suddenly realised that I was veering in towards him and I almost ran him into the ditch!!!
So much for trying to show him my appreciation.
I can't imagine anything worse than knocking my hero off his steed...except for maybe, tipping your car against a cyclist, jumping out to make sure that he was all right....and realising that you have just knocked Ed Sheerin off his bike AND BREAKING BOTH HIS ARMS!!!

Talk yourself out of that one!