Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Milking it!

You know you have been friends, like FOREVER, when you meet up in Kilkenny for a night on the town, only to discover that the three of you are wearing the same outfit of a blue top and white trousers! Fashion etiquette would say that two of us should have changed immediately but true friendship said
"We look HILARIOUS. Let's go!"
We had a brilliant night's dancing in Matt the Miller's. At around 2 am they announced that the bar was closing.It was then that our ahem, maturity kicked in.
Years ago when we were out, this news would have sent us clambering to get a final round in.
True to form Lorna still made a beeline to the bar and returned several minutes later with.....a glass of milk!
"What's that for?" we asked in surprise.
"We've no milk in the room to make a cup of tea before we go to bed", she replied.
And we all thought that was the best idea EVER.

To add to our more mature status we had no problem getting past security at the door with our potential dangerous item, namely the glass.
When we explained nicely what it was for, they calmly sent us on our way with a gentle
"Enjoy our cuppa, ladies!"
And do you know what, it was a lifesaver! Hangovers averted. If only we had known that when we were younger.
Youth is definitely wasted on the young!


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