Saturday, June 3, 2017

I need a salon!

I headed to The Sheep shearing Festival in Roscommon this Friday. I stayed overnight with my friend Laura and her two daughters Erica (7) and Evanna (4).
Not forgetting Niall , her husband of course! But he was at work while we were all out rocking to Nathan Carter!
The next morning I had a great time in the playroom with the girls. Firstly I went "shopping" in their Mini market. Then it was on to the "doctor's surgery" as I had a sore finger!
It must have been all that waving at Nathan.
But my favourite was their Beautiful Salon. Just what I needed after all that trauma. I was preened and pampered to within an inch of my life. I got HD brows, a manicure, make up and a tattoo in under five minutes­čśť

Evanna was carefully tending to my hair with a minuscule plastic comb. She paused for a moment and then didn't hold back.
"How come your hair is black near the top but yellow everywhere else???
That's what I love about kids, there's no filter. They say it like it is.

So it's off to my hairdressers for real this week!
The magic moment was when she then looked me straight into my eyes and said
"You can come back to our house again"