Wednesday, May 31, 2017


We were looking forward to our field trip with the fisheries officer to a local river.
Seeing as the Irish weather can be so unpredictable I was giving the class a list of what to bring. I typed it on my laptop and it went straight up on the interactive white board.
God, when I started teaching 32 years ago we were lucky to have a blackboard and a piece of chalk!!!
I wrote:
Please bring your wellies, raincoat, suncream.
I got up from my desk and started to walk around. I was a bit perturbed to see some of the kids sniggering, very unlike them. I took a quick glance at the board....and my blood ran cold. I had actually written
Please bring your willies, raincoat, suncream.
I nearly broke my neck getting back to the keyboard and began pressing delete, delete, DELETE!!!

Of course my kids were staring at me, wanting to see how I was going to deal with this catastrophy. So I imparted these words of wisdom.
"And that is the reason why you should always check your spellings before you print. Now, take out your lunches!"

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