Thursday, May 25, 2017

My life of crime

Life is a bit crazy at the moment. At a time when I thought I would be winding down before the summer holidays, we got the news that we will be having a subject inspection in school next week. Needless to say it's been full steam ahead.
 I was late coming home from school today so I decided to pull into Granuaile's in Kinnegad to save myself from cooking dinner.
When I came out, I was planning a hundred things in my head that I still had to do. I got into my car and shut the door.
It was then I noticed something strange. There was a packet of Baby Wipes in the pocket of the car door.
"I don't remember buying those", I pondered.
I looked at the passenger door and sure enough there was another packet there!
"What the hell??" I thought.
I looked at the dashboard and then it dawned on me!

What are the odds of there being a similiar car parked beside mine, and it not being locked? I mean, how else would I have gotten into it?

Well, I hopped out of it as if it had an ejector seat. I looked up and down the street to see if the owner was approaching but no sign. There were two young lads standing in front of a shop who must have been bemused to see a mad woman jump out of one car, hop into the one beside in and take off like a bat out of hell!
It's a life on the run for me :)