Monday, April 10, 2017

How close is close?

I spent several hours this morning trying to register online to do a postgraduate course in Maynooth University. I'd get so far in the application process and then my internet would go down or the dreaded message
Error! Please contact the university.
I did and left a message for help!

I tried again and this time I got to the last stage which was uploading my degree, higher diploma and passport. More panic! There was only an upload button for my passport not the other documents. I figured that I'd upload them all with that one. Fair enough it said I was successful and to take down my registration number. I panicked looking for a pen in case the dam site crashed again.

Later that afternoon I was visiting Mam when I got a return call from the university. A very nice lady wanted to check if I had been successful in uploading my application as the site had crashed a few times this morning.
"Do you have your registration number close at hand?" she asked.
A few seconds of despair, as I wasn't at home to find it and then a wave of relief when I realised....the number was actually ON my hand!
I couldn't find any paper quick enough this morning!
You can't get much closer at hand than that!

That's NOT the actual number, just in case someone else steals my place!!!

If you're interested, my application did get through1 Now just to wait to see if I'm successful. Fingers crossed!