Monday, February 27, 2017

Drama Queens

About 22 years ago I wrote and directed a children's drama for Scór na nÓg competition. We won  the Westmeath final and got through to the Leinsters.
One of the kids involved was Louise, who made a great little footballer!

A couple of weeks ago I got a message on Facebook. It was from Louise. She was taking part in A Night at the Oskars. This is where groups are given scenes from films which they rehearse and are then filmed. Then on the night they are shown and awards are given out. She was wondering if I would help out with her group which was doing Bridesmaids. I wasn't  sure if I could but I said I'd give it a shot.

To put even more pressure on my "directing skills (or rather lack of them) Operation Transformation were doing a follow up on how I was doing one year on and a film crew were at one of our rehearsals!

Last Saturday night we headed into Mullingar Park Hotel where we walked the red carpet along with a plethora of celebrities, thanks to Kevin Rowe Events!

The seven film clips were really well done and it was very difficult to pick a winner. It wasn't to be Bridesmaids night.
Or maybe the wrong envelope was used!!!

However there was a winner on the night. Louise got Best Supporting Actress! Huge congratulations.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

London's Calling.

We were doing a comprehension lesson on the London underground today. We were working out how many lines there are and which one would you use to get from one place to another.
Class finished with a quiz. The kids made up clues and we had to work out what station they were referring to. I read out the clues.....

He's from Peru and eats marmalade.

Abba lost the battle here.

A colourful car.

Then I came to this one.
People don't wear underwear here.
Sniggers from the class!
They all got the right answer


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

All the motivation I need.

I was in RTE for a radio interview with RTE Lifestyle. Taragh and I had just settled at our microphones when word came into the studio.

"Mr Motivator is in the building!!!"
Taragh and I looked at each other and legged it out the door in search of our hero.

He wasn't too hard to find, as his multi-coloured outfit was something Joseph would have been proud of! He was an absolute gentleman and said such nice things to me, even though he obviously hadn't a clue who I was or what on earth I was doing there.But who cares?

He looked amazing. I can't believe he's 63 . He looked in his 40's.
Soon we had an audience. Some cute English lads came out of another studio and stopped to take photos. Mr Motivator went off for his interview and we toddled back down the corridor. We were talking to the English guys and prattling on about how excited we were about meeting such an iconic celebrity!
We parted company and Taragh and I settled back down and composed ourselves. It was then that it struck me
"Taragh", I asked "do you have any idea who those guys were?"
"No", she admitted.
"What if they're someone really famous that everyone would give their kidney to meet, and there we were going on about how brilliant it was to meet Mr Motivator!"
 I wracked my brain but still had no idea, All I'm sure of, is that they weren't Take it doesn't matter!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Ring of Fire.

When Operation Transformation season 10 started in January I was really jealous that I wasn't in it this year.Trying to console myself I reflected
"Well look on the bright side. At least you'll never have to do another fire brigade challenge!"
Then I got asked the question
"Would you like to come back and do a fire brigade challenge against the current leaders?"
"Of course I would!" I jumped at the chance.

I was delighted to meet up with my partners-in-crime, Clare and Lucy along with Siobhán and Mark from two years ago.

As the current leaders were not to know who they were up against, so we were spirited into the Training centre and hidden away until they were ready for us. we had a bit of time to kill. I think I lost my calling as a chief fire officer.

Soon we were called out onto the training ground. A quick face off against the leaders and then it was ACTION!
In the next 20 minutes we jumped from a two storied building, zip lined to a fire truck., loaded it with 10 fire hoses and 20 extinguishers, PULLED the truck to the fire engine, unload it, rolled out three fire hoses and then put out a fire. PHEW. We were neck and neck until.......DISASTER. We got to the fire only to be told we'd left the nozzle back in the fire engine. By the time we ran back to get it the others had turned on their hose and we were defeated.

Of course we would have loved to have won but if we had to lose, then it couldn't have been to a nicer bunch of people.

Afterwards we had our lunch together. We were very conscious of the fact that we were eating baked potatoes and suchlike, but they were on their salads. But it didn't phase them.

I'm the rebel in blue!
Signs on it. They all had great weight losses this week. Well done lads!