Monday, December 26, 2016

Running on empty.

I had done a bit more driving that I had expected and so the fuel tank was blinking at me. I didn't panic as I am an expert at knowing how far I can drive on fumes! It was 6 o'clock in the evening but I decided to go to Ballivor to get diesel rather than wait til the morning.
I was driving into Ballivor, admiring the lights when suddenly.....perplunk! My car cut out and I thankfully managed to maneuver her to safety on the kerb outside the church. I knew what the problem was...out of fuel, and the ironic thing was I could see the lights of the petrol station blinking at me from just down the street.
Okay Noeleen, you can deal with this, you're an independent woman.
I set off down the footpath and entered the shop. I explained my predicament and I was soon walking back up the street with my little petrol can full of E6 worth of diesel. I poured it into the tank, turned the key and it roared into life....and promptly cut out again. I retried but to no avail.
I can manage this.
I contacted that fount of knowledge, Suri.
It didn't auger well. The first piece of information I got was that it was much harder to deal with a car that had run out of diesel, rather than petrol.
Bloody brilliant.
There were articles on how you should have used an air plunger before inserting the fuel.
Now you tell me!
But then I got the good news. All newer diesel cars were self priming and so didn't need all that palaver.
Granted, the only primer I know about is the stuff you put under your foundation to stop your make up from running!
The next bit of information got my hopes up. Let the engine turn over for a few times to get the fuel running through and then it'll start.
No problem!
Wait!The next website said
"Don't under any circumstances turn the engine over as you'll run down the battery. "
At that I gave up this whole independent woman thing and I rang the second fount of brother Finian!
In a short time he appeared. He told me to turn the engine over and after a few attempts it roared into life.
I should have risked it myself.
A few minutes later I found myself back in the petrol station. I filled up the tank and went into the shop to pay.
I was happily explaining to the cashiers what had happened when one of them said the immortal words that made my blood run cold.
"But you bought PETROL when you were here a few minutes ago!"
NOOOOOOO! I screamed inwardly, or it may have been out loud.
I had a flashback to two years ago when I was the victim of a dirty petrol scam that ruined the engine of Roxy, my Beatle convertible. Only this time it would be all my own fault.
"I'll check through the receipts", she said, not holding out much hope. It must have been my subconscious, maybe the fact that I had bought a PETROL can made me go to the wrong nozzle. As I looked out the window while I waited, I saw my brother filling up his 161 Audi from the same pump as I had used....and his car is diesel too!
Well if I'm in trouble, then he's in an even bigger mess!!!
Receipts were checked and it was confirmed...I had bought DIESEL!
The cashier was full of apologies and explained that she honestly thought I had bought petrol and didn't want me to use it before I did any damage.
That was very thoughtful of her but it would have been too late, it was in the engine already.
But I was so thankful that I hadn't wrecked the engine I would have forgiven her anything.
As I drove home I thanked my lucky stars that I wouldn't have to start the New Year travelling everywhere on a donkey!