Saturday, December 10, 2016

HOW old do you think I am???

During History we were talking about education through the ages. I was telling them about my teaching career in Baconstown and how things have changed since I started. Of course I was asked
"Miss, how long are you teaching here?"
I replied
"30 years."
I got a round of applause.

During the next history lesson I showed them the photos that were taken during our Living History Day three years ago. As our school was celebrating 175 years in existence we dressed up and spent the school day as if it was last century.
The first photo was the one of me arriving to school in full costume, on a High Nelly bike.

There was a moment's pause and then I was asked this genuine question
"Miss, is that you coming to school on your first day here?"
I am officially a dinosaur!


  1. That is a very dangerous question you have asked and so I am going to take a safe route.
    You are as young as the sparkle in your eye Miss.

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