Sunday, November 20, 2016

Squeaky clean.

I was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner when I heard a strange squeaking sound. I paused with my knife in mid swing and listened again.
Yep there was a definite weird noise coming from another part of the house.
Now, it wasn't the squeak of a tiny rodent. It sounded even worse. I slowly opened the door and tiptoed down the hall. It was then that I realised I was still holding the knife.

"Well, whatever's there, I will have acted  in self defense," I reasoned.
The noise continued but was getting fainter. Wrong direction.
I headed back towards the sitting room.
Yes, it was definitely coming from there.
I slowly pushed open the door, expecting to see something from Fantastic Beasts.
Instead I found...
Andy Murray playing Novac Djokovic on an indoor court in the ATP World Tour final.
Dam squeaky trainers.
I put away the knife.....