Thursday, November 10, 2016

It only seems like yesterday.....

I was sitting in the staff room this morning, happily drinking my cuppa, when the door opened and in walked Gerry my principal with a 30th cake. My heart sank as I thought
Oh my God, it's one of my colleague's milestone birthdays and I've forgotten it!

I looked around to see who the recipient was and was stunned to see everyone's eyes on me!
I was twice as stunned when Gerry placed it down in front of me and announced
Congratulations. It was this day thirty years ago that you started working here!
Wait a minute, what do you mean? 
I quickly did the maths in my head and came to the realisation that he was right. I have been 30 years here in Baconstown. Well I have done a bit more. I lived and taught in Abu Dhabi for five years and I was out of the classroom doing Drama inservice with the teachers,
But yep, it was my 30th anniversary.
I couldn't find a photo of me in my first year in Baconstown but this is one from a few months previously, in my very first teaching job.
The feckin' state of me!!!