Wednesday, August 24, 2016

1/2 million views!!!

When I checked my blog this morning I saw that it had passed the half a million views.

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Okay, so that's since 2010. But when I first started it I honestly thought that I would be the only person reading it.
Thanks to all my followers and to everyone who ever bother to click on the link and read it. I get great enjoyment from writing it but it's even better when there is a bit of an audience! Many thanks again.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sinister Island.

I have just returned from a week on Inis Oirr, where I ate and drank my way around the island! Chocolate, crisps and vodka have never entered my head for the past eight months and now suddenly I couldn't get enough of them. It was like my brain had convinced my stomach that the fact that we were not attached to the mainland meant that calories wouldn't attach themselves to my body!
Boy, was I proven wrong when I stepped on the scales when I returned home???

I got a bit of a wake up call one of the days when I was going for my walk around the island.
I didn't fall completely off the wagon!
One of the locals was driving his horse and cart, full of tourists. I stepped into the side to let them pass.
Dam, those roads are narrow.
I had just stepped back on the road when I heard a shout from him.
"Are you yer wan from Operation Transformation?"
"That would be me!"

Anyway I had a great time and arrived back home. I left my days and nights of debauchery back on the island.......OR SO I THOUGHT!

Today I got a text from "the island"! It read
Hi Noeleen. U have won a prize in raffle that u entered. It is.....

Noooooooo!  It has followed me home. I'm never going to escape its evil clutches. HELP!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Things only Irish people will get.

I went to Inis Oirr with three friends for a few days. We rented a house so we brought a few provisions.
When you travel with Irish people it is essential that you have both of these boxes.
And more importantly, when it's your turn to make the tea, you must put the correct teabag in the correct cup or there will be hell to pay!

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Plan

I was delighted to be invited to the launch of Aoife Hearne's new book "The Plan". Aoife is the dietitian on Operation Transformation and one of the main reasons for my new found health and fitness lifestyle.

People say to me
"Are you still following that Operation Transformation?"
I have to answer "No" even though I sit down with my print out recipes on a Thursday evening and work out my eating plan for the week, which is promptly pinned up on my kitchen wall.

But I'm not "following" anything. It's just my way of life now. It makes life so much easier. I know exactly what I need so I only have to do one shop a week, instead of popping into the shop every evening to pick up a red pepper....and a bar of chocolate!
Exercise has become a part of my life too. I'm still running, have gone back to the awimming and have started cycling. I'd miss it if I didn't do it.
Words I never thought I'd say!

As a result I've lost a further 12lbs since the show finished, bringing my total weight loss to 2st which was my target. However I've lost weight before and promptly put it back on....and more! I was determined that this wasn't going to happen this time.
I got in contact with Aoife who told me that as this was a low-carb plan I could add extra carbs in, maybe an extra 10-15g of rice at dinner.
I must admit that Aoife's idea of adding carbs and mine would be very different!
But I went with Aoife's advice and am glad to say that several months later I am still at my target weight!
My niece Emma is Publicity Executive with Gill Books and was involved in the book launch.

I got a sneak preview of The Plan last week and think it's brilliant.
All the recipes are in one place, very tasty and easy to follow!
Very important.
Even more important for me is the fact that there is a four week plan laid out so I don't even have to do that much!

I started on The Plan last Friday. It wasn't very different to what I have been doing all year. I'm not overweight now and as I was told several times, I'm in my 50's which people think it's harder/impossible to lose weight.
In 5 days I lost 2lbs!

I am NOT on commission but if you want to shed  some weight and/or eat healthier than I thoroughly recommend this book.

Proof that The Plan works!
January 2016

August 2016