Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Old is the new young

I can hardly believe what I read today. 

A Retire savvy survey reckons you should
·        stop taking selfies at 34. 
               What do you mean? I have just gotten the hang of it. Granted I will never do the "trout pout", but that's a sign of good old "cop on"  rather than of old age.
·        stop watching reality tv at 41. 
             Oops I'm watching Big Brother as I'm typing this.
·        quit Twitter at 47
              How else would I know what is going on in Kim Kardashian's life!
·        not get your naval pierced after 38.
             Having only had my ears pierced, I wouldn't have done this before the age of 38 either!
·        not visit Ibiza after 40
            Ibiza is so much more than bars, clubs and vomiting Leaving Certs. Go and explore!
·        be home before midnight after 52!
           I don't have to be tucked up in bed with a cup of hot cocoa by the witching hour however I will admit that after staying out after midnight it takes much longer to recover.

Who on earth came up with this survey, a group of twenty year olds?

I have always been a firm believer that age is just a number. I have taken on more challenges in the past few months that I have in the previous decades. One of the most influential interviews that I have read is with a fit and active 90 year old. When she was asked if she had any regrets in life, she replied
"Thinking that I was too old at 80!"

And I think that is the motto we should live our lives by, I certainly intend to.

What is old age?

It's always ten years older than you are!


  1. One Golden Rule Nols: never ever read surveys, unless you are buying a property. Otherwise live, live and ENJOY ALL ! xx