Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Your face is familiar."

One of the side effects of having been on national television twice a week for two months is that people recognise your face, even if they can't always remember where from.
Last weekend I was attending my nephew's art exhibition.There were some speeches first so I was wandering up and down the rows looking for a seat to plonk my ass on.
A man, around the same age as myself looked at me, puzzled, and said the familiar words.
"I know you from somewhere. Tell me where and when?"
This was a little unusual as it is usually women who recognise me from the show.

I looked from him to his wife who was sitting expectantly beside him. I don't know what came over me, but I replied
"Eh, Copper Face Jacks ???"

I don't know whose jaw dropped further, his or his wife's! Before an unmerciful row broke out I quickly added
"Or maybe Operation Transformation."

Thankfully both burst out laughing and I will not be cited in the divorce proceedings!


  1. Yes, you could have split up a happily married couple there and have been labelled as 'a scarlet woman' ;-)