Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What a difference a few months makes!

One of the nicest experiences of Operation Transformation was having people over to my house for dinner. Don't get me wrong, I could always cook.....I just never bothered that much! After my first disastrous attempt I became quite a dab hand at this dinner party stuff. This weekend I had two very special guests, Clare and Lucy.
And before you ask, yes I did an Operation Transformation dinner, namely Beef Casserole from last year's food plan.
See I can cook other things besides chicken!
I also did Melon and Grape starter and Crunchie Bread pudding for dessert.
Whoever thought, "Oh let's put a Crunchie and bread together was a genius", it's gorgeous!

We had a great catch up, reminiscing about our "journey" together. After a few glasses of wine we were very anxious to see a photo of the three of us at the early stages. So of course we had to Google ourselves. We ended up in tears of laughter. All I could think was
"Who on earth let us go on national television looking like that?"
Thankfully there was a bit of a transformation or I'd never set a foot outside my front door again!

Another huge change in our life is that the following morning we were up bright and early 
Well, 9,30am on a Saturday morning is practically in the middle of the night for me!
and took part in Mullingar's Parkrun.

That is something that none of us would have even contemplated this time last year.
Imagine what we'll be up to this time next year!


  1. Big difference in the quality of your smiles throughout the process, goodness me you all look so content !

    1. We crtainly have a lot more to smile about now :)