Monday, June 13, 2016

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Saturday morning saw me heading off to Limerick for my nephew Niall's graduate art exhibition in LSAD. It's hard to believe that only a few short years ago he was getting me out of a spot of bother by painting my Confirmation display
and now here he is....a fully fledged artist.

At first glance these seem like typical passport type portraits. However they are based on the deconstruction of the stereotypical portrait genres. These are virtual portraits of non existent people. He took photos of his family, friends and randomers and each portrait is a combination of between 2 to 10 people. As you study them you begin to see that perhaps the eyes, eyebrows, lips etc don't match.
In some it is difficult to decide if the subject is male or female.
Art imitating life???

Niall was hoping that by erasing individuality you could also eradicate prejudice and preconceived bias towards the subject.

This is my favourite...and the start of my art collection!

Having studied his paintings for quite a while I became a bit artistic myself. I liked the whole idea of merging facial features into one another. Here is my masterpiece.

I think it's quite Eurovision winner circa 2014